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Basements, Crawlspace & Slab Waterproofing

Older homes or homes that have experienced an ongoing water issue or intrusion may start to suffer some consequential damage to the concrete floor.  The consequential issues range from minor to severe.

Minor damage may include water stains or efflorescence presenting on the floor.  In more significant cases, the basement floor can start to crumble or crack from simply walking across it. In more severe cases, when hydrostatic pressure becomes so great, the basement floor may buckle or heave.

SJ Waterproofing is experienced in all types of corrective measures for whichever damage may exist with your floor ranging from cosmetic nuisances to more serious structural issues.

The following are some examples of the solutions for restoring your floor:

Disinfecting and Sealing the Basement Floor
Removing and Replacing Entire Floors or Sections of Floors
Lowering or Raising of Basement Floors

Flooded Basement
Common areas that promote flooding and water damage. (Click to Enlarge)

What to Know

If you see any of these warning signs in your basement or crawl space, DON’T DELAY and call SJ Waterproofing immediately.

Water seepage where the floor meets the wall
Water leaking through cracks in the floor
Standing water or puddles of water
Musty or smelly odors in the basement
Evidence of mold or mildew
Bowing, bulging or buckling foundation walls
Efflorescence (White chalky powder on the walls)
Cracked walls
Cracks in floor, or lifting or heaving of floor
Peeling paint
Dampness or wetness on wall or floor
Water marks or stains on sheetrock, paneling, etc.
Basement wall discoloration
Termites, insects or termite damage
Rust stains


Interior Perimeter Drain Systems (French Drains)
  Vapor Barriers Installed
  Slab Waterproofing
  Exterior Waterproofing/Drainage
  Downspout re-routing/extensions
  Sealing/Painting Foundation Walls
  Sealing/Painting Basement Floors

Coastal Waterproofing

The Jersey Shore and its coastal communities have a unique set of challenges for all types of foundations, whether it is on a slab, crawl space, or basement(often referred to as “cellar” in these areas).  Challenges range from controlling humidity levels, managing water as a result of sea levels (tides), precipitation including normal rain, Nor’easters, occasional hurricanes, as well as consequential issues of foundation.

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