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Brick, Block or Stone in Need of Repair?

SJ Waterproofing is well trained and experienced in the area of historical and masonry restoration. With a staff that includes Bricklayers and Cement Masons by trade, we have the ability to restore or repair all types of foundations including brick, concrete and stone. We do not have to hire subcontractors to handle this portion of the project like many other waterproofing contractors do.

There are several factors that play a role in a structure requiring restoration. As any masonry or concrete surface ages, it naturally begins to deteriorate, weaken, and lose its appeal. . Also, over time, the mortar in mortar joints naturally cracks and deteriorates leaving them weakened and open. Weather is another factor that can lead to the deterioration of masonry surfaces and joints. Acid rain, soil erosion and the cycles of freeze and thaw that exist are some examples. All of these conditions can result in areas in the structure where water can penetrate and further weaken the area, and in extreme cases cause structural problems.

Effective Repair & Restoration

It's important to know how to effectively repair the problem to restore the original integrity of the structure. No matter what the cause is, we have sustained damage to the following:

  Interior Foundation
  Exterior Foundation
Retaining Walls

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