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Do You Have Structural Issues with Your Home?

Common Causes

The same conditions that cause water to enter the basement can also contribute to a foundation problem. Water and structural issues can exist together, and they can also exist independently of each other. An ongoing, unmitigated water issue can ultimately lead to foundation issue for the house or building. It is also possible for a foundation problem to occur even when water is not the culprit.

The following will identify common causes for foundation or structural issues that can occur:

Hydrostatic Pressure
Poorly Constructed Foundations
Poor Exterior Grading
Improperly Working Gutters
Shrink/Swell (Expansion/Contraction)
Trees and Tree Roots

What to Know

Call us right away if you detect any of these warning signs in your basement or crawl space.  Our professionals will be there to repair this the safe and efficient way!


Cracked walls (horizontal, vertical or stair stepped)
Bowing, bulging or buckling foundation wall
Collapsed foundation (foundation failure)
Cracks in floor
Uneven or heaving floor
Sinking foundation
Cracks around windows and doors
Doors or windows not opening, closing or working
Sloping or sloped floor
Sinking floors over a crawl space
Seeing daylight through the foundation
Tilting chimneys


  Reinforcing Rod Insertion
  U-channel/Steel Support
  Carbon Fiber Support
  Wall Reconstruction/Replacement
  Footing Repairs and Replacement
  Crack Repairs(Urethane/Epoxy Injections)

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