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Concrete Work

We offer full service concrete residential and commercial. We use the highest quality of cement and materials to get the job done correctly. No matter what the cause is, it’s important to know how to effectively repair the problem to restore the original integrity of the structure. SJ Waterproofing has the skill, dedication and attention to detail necessary to complete the restoration effectively.

Installation & Repair

No matter what the cause is, we have sustained damage to the following:

 Interior or Exterior Foundation
 Slab Floors
 Retaining Walls

Termite Repairs

Termites are harmful insects that live off cellulose which is found in wood, paper and other materials. They can cause severe damage to home owners which can be costly if left untreated. With immediate results that will give you peace mind and a healthier environment for you and your family.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring SJ Waterproofing for your termite repair needs.

 Services: Floor joists, main beams and sill plates and more
Identifies the areas where the termites are and prevents them from ever returning in the future
 Equipment and skills to effectively remove the termites

What to Know

Want to stay ahead of costly Termite Repairs? Check out some of these warning signs in your basement or crawl space, DON'T DELAY and call SJ Waterproofing immediately.


Squeaky/Buckling Floorboards
Hallow/Warped Wood
Discoloring Drywall
Mud Tubes
Cracks in the Wood
Peeling Paint


  Replace damaged sections of wood
  Add more support near the damaged wood areas